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Performex has enabled us to develop and implement action plans. The program has significantly improved the performance and ability of our teams and departments to deliver the required results.
Consulting engineering firm
Vice-President Operations 
Performex has made it possible to improve our teams’ functioning and better structure work processes. We had a chance to clarify the roles and responsibilities of each team. I was pleasantly surprised by the progress made by the various work teams.
Hospital Center
Director General 
We used Performex over three years to improve and help our managers achieve the objectives of their work plans. This has allowed us to engage our management teams better. We found the program very useful and well-adapted to our needs. It helped us break down several barriers that our teams faced.
University Hospital Centre
Director of Human Resources 
The Performex program developed with our team of regional and provincial directors helped them build their skills to achieve their goals. We found several tools in the program to help us achieve our objectives. This intervention was very successful with the participants, and we are delighted.
National Water and Electricity Board
Senior Director 
It was a brilliant intervention by Professor Sabourin to our CEO and his management team. We found that this is a concrete approach that improves the performance of our executives and managers.
Airline Deputy
Director General 
The Performex program received exceptional feedback of 95% satisfaction from our 153 participants. Feedback is unanimous for content excellence and application of the program to our teams.
National Training and Continuing Education Society
Director General 
We called on Professor Sabourin to supervise the managers of our various work units. We have seen significant progress and improvements with our business units and better engagement of executives in achieving their objectives.
Large-scale food manufacturer and distributor


They trust us