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Performex Leader's Path©


in 3 points

Let’s Work Agile! We develop & co-build the training course.

We Ensure 100% Participation Of All Stakeholders.

A Customised Methodology Based On Best Practices That Guarantees The Best Results.

Implementation and Monitoring of The Training Delivered To Guarantee A Level Excellence To All Our Participants.

Personal Experience Of Performex Founder Guarantees Getting Better Results.

A Methodical Approach Based On The Involvement And Commitment Of Participants In Managing Priorities And Solving Their Problems.

Performex Leaders Path

About the Journey

Explore the nine essential skills for strategically managing your priorities through practical advice from seasoned leaders. This journey consists of nine e-learning courses, each ranging from 30 to 90 minutes

Become a Certified Management Leader©

Certify the Management Leadership of Your Managers and Leaders.

The Performex LeadersPath Program is certified by the Leadership Management Development Institute (LMDI), leading to the Certified Leader in Management certification©. Each of the contents undergoes an assessment of the participant’s knowledge, leading to certification. It thus compares the best practices of modern management in over 17 countries.